Text 29 Mar La Ville Nue Va à Paris


Grande Roue.

Les promenades à pied dans la rue.

Du Musée du Louvre.

Cafe de Flore (Le préféré de Sartre)

Marché de fruit.

Fleuve Seine.

L’intérieur a brasserie.

Vieilles promenades à pied de femme.

Voir-vous de nouveau bientôt!!!

—-Ces Photos iront bien avec (These Photos will go well with)—-

FILM: “La Peau Douce ” aka “The Soft Skin" by François Truffaut  (1964)

DRINKCampari Negroni Apéritif- 1 part gin, 1 part sweet vermouth, 1 part Campari, then garnish with an orange twist.

ALBUMJe t’aime… moi non plus by Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg

BOOKQuiet Days in Clichy by Henry Miller

MISCVidez d’abord votre compte bancaire. Allez ensuite à l’aéroport, dites à la fille que vous demandez à être sur le prochain vol à Paris! Attendez avec patience. Ayez du port vin. Montez dans l’avion et ne retourner pas.


Text 14 Oct 1 note Avenue of Puerto Rico

The transition in Bushwick from Graham Avenue to the vibrant Avenue of Puerto Rico

Two shaved ice sellers trading flavors.

A man passes below a boxing mural between two tenement houses.

Three hispanic children sit on a  couch on the street surrounded by mattresses (starting at $39.99).

The sky is blocked with the massive hulk of the projects.

Coming home from baseball practice.

The empanadas man. Pollo, carne, and queso all just $1.25 (I got the queso).

The pizza man (in surprising focus for a cellphone camera).

Wholesale urban clothing child mannequins. 

Bicycle enthusiast.

The side walk of dreams.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Killer of Sheep ” by Charles Burnett (1977)

DRINKPlanter’s Punch2 oz. light rum, 2 oz. orange juice, 1 tbsp. dark rum, a dash grenadine, and just a little bit of sugar. Shake lightly.

ALBUMReachin’ (a new refutation of time and space) by Digable Planets

BOOKMidnight’s Children by Salaman Rushdie

MISC: Keep the written word alive! Hate cleaning your windows? Well a great and easy way to maintain clean windows is to use newspaper. That’s right! Inky smudgy newspaper. So, try it out…I’d even suggest reading it first. That makes the New York Times doubly necessary, literature and cleaning ware, and you can even recycle it afterwards. With all that use it is most certainly cheaper then paper towels!


Text 13 Oct 1 note Part 3: Nexus

Here is the final installment of The Naked Cities Rosy Crucifixion series. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it, as our camera as roved itinerantly through the gilded bowels of the sweet metropolis. 

Bohemian poses with attitude in front of mural in the Bushwick Industrial Park.

Closely watched trains in crown heights.

Religious fanatics display their abrasive mumbo-jumbo  off the 7 line in the subway.

A Girl and her Dog.

Two young men on the final day of summer, on a roof in Bushwick.

A group of elderly patrons explore saint marks place.

Baby with flowers in The Greenpoint Polish District. 

Two Mexican children ride bikes on Bushwick avenue.

Two young boys on the empty courts behind PS 196 “10 Eyck Projects School”.

A girl cooking dinner in her Williamsburg kitchen.

The Business District.

Manhattan as scene from the Manhattan bridge at sun down.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Mouchette ” by Robert Bresson (1967)

DRINKBlack Russian1 1/2 ounces Coffee Liqueur and  3 ounces Vodka 

ALBUMLes Stances a Sophie by Art Ensemble Of Chicago

BOOK: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the Worldby Haruki Murakami

MISC: You know that store down the street? The one with all the cheap junk that you pass everyday but don’t go in? Well go inside and by some candles for $0.99. Get a few of them, then bring them home and light them. Turn all your lights out and just hang around by candle light for a while. Don’t make it romantic and invite that special some one over, just do it alone by yourself and enjoy it. You will feel…peaceful


Text 4 Oct Part 2: Plexus

Here is the second part of the trilogy of this wondering series. As always, all pictures are taken with the tiny lens of a cellphone camera. Enjoy and look forward for the third installment soon!

Two bodega shop keeps going about the nightshift in Williamsburg.

Downtown haircut.

Paperboy in times square selling controversial paper.

Little girl running to catch up with her friends.

Bushwick resident poses after acquiring original art work by craftsman Rodrigo QH.

Salesman in the northern garment district.

A couple in Greenpoint Brooklyn pose in front of a car (circa 1950’s).

Subway home from the Bronx.

Young man drinking Cola.

New York Times headquarters on 8th avenue.

A bike that was not properly locked.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “The Tested ” by Russell Costanzo (2010)

DRINK: Broken Nose- 1 oz Gold Tequila, 1 1/2 oz Advocaat Liqueur, 2 oz Grenadine Syrup, and Lemonade

ALBUMUnderground by Thelonious Monk

BOOK: Native Son by Richard Wright

MISC: Go to the corner deli and buy a plant, they all have them. Not flowers mind you, just a green plant. It doesn’t matter what it is. Then bring it home and put it on your window sill and water it and ta-da! you have a new friend. Play classical music or jazz for it, they love that.


Text 22 Sep 1 note Part 1: Sexus

Henry Miller has three books that describe the strange roving time in his life when her wandered through the streets of a city and experienced raw life. The trilogy has been dubbed “The Rosy Crucifixion” with its three volumes SexusPlexus, and Nexus. As some kind of vague homage, or more accurately a personalized retelling, the Naked City’s next three posts will wear these three titles proudly, as the camera travels oddly around the metropolis.

As a child, Henry miller lived at 662 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which was called the 14th ward at that time.

John Schlesinger’s film Midnight Cowboy (1969) is a masterpiece of American cinema. The dazzling party scene has cameos by members of Warhol’s 60’s superstars. Viva and Ultra Violet to name a few.

The cat was lent to me by a baker, the plants were given to me by a poet, and the globe was taken by me from a hopeless repair pile at a flea market.
Pool Hall Hustler.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare.

Two bikers walk beneath the shadow of a massive building.


Warrior Poet.

Even punks need to sleep and dream the dreams of subway slumber.

Over the years, as people spit their gum on the sidewalk, the ground develops a distinctive dotted pattern that is more or less specific to such an urban environment.

Self portrait. 

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Five Easy Pieces ” by Bob Rafelson (1970)

DRINKSazerac1 teaspoon Ricard, 1/2 teaspoon Superfine Sugar2 dashes Bitters,  teaspoon Water, 2 ounces Bourbon (for a proper sazerac you must fist rinse the glass with absinthe)

ALBUMMaškaradă by Taraf De Haïdouks

BOOKThe Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley

MISC: Wander around…don’t worry about getting lost, in fact, I endorse it. You’ll find your way home sooner or later, right?


Text 4 Sep Endless Summer

To celebrate the changing of the seasons here is the first ever collection of photos from the Naked City in living color. 

The skeletal auto industry sign along the BQE.

Summer afternoon on the block.

The Brooklyn Bridge, the duel borough’s finest achievement.

MTA construction.

Bushwick Industrial Park Monk in the throws of meditation.

Primary colors.

Elegant woman in crown heights.

The gamut of free news periodicals.

Street art.

Onto the next season.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Mean Streets” by Martin Scorsese (1973)

DRINK: Sidecar- 2 oz Cognac, 1/2 oz Cointreau, 1 oz Lemon Juice.

ALBUMLush Life by John Coltrane

BOOKThe Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller

MISC: Have a roof? Go up on it and breath in the summer air. Don’t have a roof? Go outside and make some friends who have roofs. Don’t have friend making skills? A) Get some. Or B) Break onto one. It will be worth it.


Text 4 Sep The Cage

My favorite art house theater in Manhattan is the IFC, formerly the Waverly. When exiting the West 4th street F train station you are directly affronted with a memorable sight: The West 4th St Courts A.K.A. “The Cage.” Anyone who has spent some time the village (retracing the steps of the young Bob Dylan), knows this tiny cluster of chain link fence that houses the group of half courts, netless hoops, and wall ball wall. This is the grid iron murder dome home for the downtown crowds best street-ball players (street-ball is like basketball only with less structure, less rules, and more style). The courts are tiny and unforgiving, so if you are in a game and loose, you don’t get a second chance to play. There are no rebounds.

Players pounding the cages blacktop in a summer game of ball.

Player making a basket.

Player with super hero tattoos.

Wall ball, the official sport of the children of the Naked City. If you don’t know it, then you’re don’t know the streets.

Since the courts are so small, if you’re not playing you are watching, or more specifically waiting.

All eyes on the ball.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “La Haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz (1995)

DRINKZombie- 0.75 oz. light rum, 0.75 oz. dark rum, 1 oz. pineapple juice, 1 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 tsp. powdered sugar, and a Dash 151. 

ALBUMThe Madcap Laughs by Syd Barrett

BOOKThe Happy Birthday of Death by Gregory Corso

MISC: Go see an independent film. Here’s my short list for the best art house theaters in the city. The Film Forum on 209 West Houston Street, Angelika Film Center on 18 West Houston Street, Anthology Film Archives on 32 2nd Avenue, Cinema Village on 22 East 12th Street, and of course the IFC Theater at 323 Avenue of the Americas.


Text 28 Aug Working Class Hero

George Orwell once said “We of the sinking middle class may sink without further struggles into the working class where we belong, and probably when we get there it will not be so dreadful as we feared, for, after all, we have nothing to lose.” The popular consensus of today is that there is no middle class in this country, that America is divided into two very distinct classes: the ultra rich and everyone else, the huddled masses. This post goes out to the real working class, the blue collar joes that tighten the nuts and bolts of the naked city.

Man hand rolling cigars in a high end cigar shop/humidor.

Street sweeper who lives above local laundromat, Brooklyn.

Man in construction dumpster which reads Nacirema. Nacirema is actually an anthropological term that was devised to analyse the societal behavior of the citizens of American; Nacirema is of course America spelt backwards.

Two painters, at the MoMA (NYC), either repair a wall or recreate a Rothko.

"You may be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the reaper." -Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Construction worker precariously holding a precarious iron pike.

Rastafarian gentleman loads large boxes into utility van.

Man kneeling down to corporate building to wash its feet.

The bent colossus of industry arching above the head of the lonely truck driver.

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Down by Law” by Jim Jarmusch (1986)

DRINKRusty Nail-1 oz. Scotch, 1 oz. drambuie. Pour the alcohol into a tumbler with ice and stir.

ALBUMBlood Money by Tom Waits

BOOK: Ask the Dust by John Fante

MISC: Ever have the feeling in your heart that your soul is going burst out and bleed art all over the walls? Yeah, me too. Make an abstract expressionist painting! Go under the sink and grab all of the left over house paint, cut up a cardboard box for canvas, and use a bunch of sticks and bottles as your tools to fling the paint. Soon you will be caught up in a mad fury and before you know it you will be smiling like Jackson Pollock.


Text 27 Aug The Writing on the Wall

Since the first Aurignacian cave painting, some 32,000 some odd years ago, humanity has decided that posting messages on our surroundings was a fit form of wide spread communication. Both passive and at the same-time “super”liminal, the notes on the walls of our world range from government messages and warning to meaningless graffiti and eye opening street art. Some messages, such as an MTA train rescheduling can illicit such a hearty reaction that it is perhaps better that no physical messenger is there to be shot. Likewise, the most necisary subversive and radical statements are scrawled in the dark under the shade of night. No where is there such a magnitude of be-scribbled surrounding, then here in the naked city.


This young man is from countryside of Vermont, however he is thinking of moving to Brooklyn.

Mobile graffiti, like a tattoo, but for your car.

John Lennon would be disenchanted by this image.

It is the noble with of the people of Bed-Stuy that Brooklyn succeed from the union and become it’s own country, and subsequently the world next largest superpower.

This is what T.S. Eliot was talking about.

"Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it." -Banksy

The words of sweet Jean-Luc Godard, whom evidently will be receiving an honorary Oscar this year!

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “Stations of the Elevated” by Manfred Kirchheimer (1979)

DRINKOld Fashioned-Use old-fashioned cocktail glass. Sugar, 1 lump. Seltzer, 1 dash, and crush sugar with muddler. Ice, one square piece. Orange bitters, 1 dash. Angostura bitters, 1 dash. Lemon peel, 1 piece. Whiskey, 1 jigger. Stir gently and serve with spoon.

ALBUMThe Black Saint and the Sinner by Charles Mingus

BOOKThe Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

MISC: Have a large stack of old magazines but you are too much of a nostalgic pack rat to through them out? Yeah, me too. But what is more freeing then distorting what you hold dear with a cocoon inducing blade! Cut out all of the pictures that you find interested or catch your eye and make the boring white back of your closet or bedroom door a massively mind bending collage! Then through any the corpses of old publications that litter your floor the fields of Iwo Jima.


Text 25 Aug The City of Lost Children

Childhood is a universal state. Whether you grew up rich or poor, happy or sad, boy or girl, black or white, you started as a child. There is a certain indescribable wonder that goes with being so very young, a magic that escapes many people as they grow. I think the most important thing in life is holding on to that magic and keeping it inside of you always. The city is such a phantasmagoric of marvel and savagery, that through a child’s eyes it can be a true dream or an actual nightmare.

I am Eloise.  I am six.  I am a city child.  I live at the Plaza.

Just another afternoon for a brother and sister at the bodega on the corner.

Mother and son discuss whether the weather requires a jacket.

A little boy appreciates a conceptual piece of auditory art at the MoMA. 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

If I push this button…will I make the escalator stop? {Photo taken just before said port authority bus terminal escalator mysteriously stopped}

—-These Photos will go well with—-

FILM: “The Spirit of the Beehive” by Víctor Erice (1973)

DRINKMexican Hot Chocolate-Brick of Chocolate, Milk (which is hot), and Cinnamon

ALBUMWhat’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid by Donovan

BOOKLe Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

MISC: Build a fort. Just lift your mattress up on its side and lean it against the wall. Then drape sheets on either sides for duel usage walls and exits. Make sure to have a blanket and perhaps some pillows on the inside for comfort. For illuminations use either christmas lights of plain old flash lights.


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